13 January 2007

Introducing Ecochildsplay Amazon Store

Introducing the Ecochildspay Amazon Store! In this online store, you will find products we have handpicked from Amazon.com. The store is divided into six categories: wooden toys, plush and puppets, organic toys, parenting and pregnancy books, dramatic play, and favorite children's books. We will be adding more items to our categories and adding new categories in the coming week. Each category features natural toys we have personally selected based on our own experience with the toy itself or the company that makes it. All of the toys feature natural materials, with the exception of the plush and puppet category. I have read every recommended book with children, either my own children or with my preschool class. Some books have an environmental theme, whereas others are simply great stories. Please visit ecochildsplay online store!

"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein