17 February 2007

A Disappointing Boat

For the most part, I have always been very pleased with the natural toys that have come into our home; however, every once and awhile we receive a natural toy that disappoints (this is one reason why we began this blog). The rubber band powered boat from Magic Cabin is one such toy. We had seen a similar version of this toy at a friend's house and thought it was really cool. Our friend's boat worked great with the simple twist of a rubber band. When I saw Magic Cabin had a similar boat, I ordered it for our bath tub fun. The Magic Cabin boat is smaller than our friend's boat and made of less dense wood. As Magic Cabin advertises, it does float; however, the rubber band does not move the paddle significantly to power the boat. I tried different rubber bands hypothesizing it was the weak rubber band's fault, but no rubber bands worked. The rubber bands are very difficult to feed through the small holes on the side of the boat, which makes changing rubber bands a frustrating task. Even if the toy worked, this would still be an issue. Little children love to take things apart to see how they work. Putting the boat back together definitely takes a patient adult. Perhaps there is a trick I don't know about. If anyone knows this trick or where to obtain another working version of the rubber band boat, please post a comment. I would like to try the other boat offered by Magic Cabin powered by a balloon. The balloon boat is recommended for ages 8 and above, probably due to the chokeable hazard balloons hold and the fact that young children can not blow up balloons on their own. Since children are well-supervised in the bath tub, I don't think this would be a huge issue.
Magic Cabin

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