09 April 2007

Lambskin Baby Love

Several friends recommended lambskin as an essential baby product when I had my first child; however, I could not bring myself to pay the high price of a quality, natural fleece. I was told that babies love to lie on the soft fleece and are soothed by it, as their skin is very sensitive to touch and the love it gives them. When I became pregnant with my second child, I purchased Baby's Lambskin
icon from Magic Cabin, as I already had all the baby things I needed from my first born. What my friend's had told me was true, my son was very content on the Baby's Lambskin
icon. The Baby's Lambskin
icon gave me many needed minutes of respite to get household chores done and rest. In addition, the Baby's Lambskin
icon washes nicely and is made of medical quality, naturally flame resistant merino wool. Amazon offers a similar product with the Bowron Unshorn Natural Lambskin. It is important to buy a natural sheepskin to ensure that it has not been treated with any chemicals that could harm your child.

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