14 May 2007

Natural Soap For Your Baby and Child

If you are making the switch to a greener life for your children, a good place to begin (besides growing and buying organic food) is with beauty products. Baby and children's skin is very sensitive and can often erupt in rashes from commercial products designed for them. My son's skin is especially sensitive, and thankfully, he was born into a family that had already discovered the best natural beauty products. Our family has tried many natural baby soaps, including bar soaps, and have found the best value and product to be Healthy Times Honeysuckle Baby Bath. At only $2.58 a bottle, this liquid soap is affordable and gentle. My son, who developed a horrible rash from Johnson's Baby Soap in the hospital after surgery, has never had even the slightest reaction to Healthy Times Honeysuckle Baby Bath. We use Healthy Times Honeysuckle Baby Bath on both of our children as shampoo and body soap. Liquid soap lasts longer in the bathtub and is easy to travel with, as well. Healthy Times also makes shampoo, conditioner, and sweet violet lotion. Healthy Times makes natural beauty products affordable for every family.

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