28 May 2007

Play Silks Provide Boundless Opportunities for Dramatic Play

At an art teacher conference I attended, Play Silks were recommended as the only costume needed for classroom performing arts instruction. Children can make any costume using their imagination with Play Silks. Like blocks, Play Silks are truly open-ended and limitless for play. Magic Cabin offers a wide variety of choices for Play Silks. Here is the description from Magic Cabin, "More versatile than most toys, Play Silks can be used in a multitude of ways: as blankets, capes, curtains, doll carriers, costumes, flags, walls for forts...
Their versatility is matched only by their durability, which is truly remarkable for such a soft, fine fabric. Play Silks embody the notion of "the simpler, the better" in supporting children's natural, imaginative play, and they're also the ideal craft fabric for making angels, string puppets, capes, etc. Made in the USA for all ages."

Play Silks are expensive, but you and your child get a lot for the money. At about $11 piece (you do get a discount for buying a set), the cost of Play Silks kept me from buying them for many years. I wanted to make my own set, but time slipped away, and I realized I never would get around to actually doing it (I still haven't finished knitting the sweater I started for my daughter five years ago!). Since purchasing a set of Play Silks, I am very pleased with how they have contributed to my daughter's dramatic play. Just think, if you buy a set of Play Silks, you will not need to buy any dress up clothes from major corporations! Our Play Silks are a year old, and they show no signs of wear and tear.

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"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein