06 September 2007

Our First Kiva Loan from Eco Child's Play

If you read our very busy sidebar, you will notice that we have pledged to donate/loan 10% of any profits through advertising, google ads, and affiliate programs to Kiva. Thus, we have invested in our first natural business. It was hard to pick a business, but we looked for the one that would help to support a family and was green minded. Thus, we chose, Dembele Mariam, whose business is natural medicines in the Cote D'Ivoirie.

Dembélé Mariam is married. She has 9 children. Her husband is a retired domestic electrician. Mariam is today the main resource contributor to her family. She is a traditional medicine products seller in Marcory, a suburb in the south of the Abidjan District. She is 51 years old, and her business has flourished since she started receiving microcredit from AE&I. That allowed her to buy a store in which she could do her business in a better and more hygienic environment. She will use the loan to diversify her products offered with cosmetics products. Mariam is honest and a good performer.

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