13 September 2007

Tibetan Mandala Coloring Book

I could not wait to have children so that I could buy the Tibetan Mandalascoloring book by Tatjana Blau. For some reason, I could not justify buying this book for myself, but once I became a parent, this was one of my first purchases. Now, I have a coloring book both my children and I enjoy.

The Tibetan Mandalascoloring book features some complex and some more simple designs that I find meditative when coloring. The mandala designs include simple explanations and excerpts from Buddhist texts. For example:

Pay no attention to the mistakes of others
nor to their acts and behavior!
It is your own deeds and your own negligence
you must focus on!

-Dhammapada verse 49

This verse is especially important for school age children who are distracted by other's behaviors and prone to tattle tales. It also speaks to children about how we are in control and responsible for our own behaviors. Children can also learn to forgive and have compassion for others by contemplating such verses.

"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein