31 October 2007

Great Children's Literature: Spiders Spin Webs

Spiders Spin Webs was given to us one birthday, along with many other books from an older child's collection. The regifting of books children have outgrown is a very eco-friendly idea, and I have always been delighted to discover new books through such gifts. Spiders Spin Webs was a pleasant surprise amongst the books we received.

Spiders Spin Webs is written by Yvonne Winer and illustrated by Karen Lloyd-Jones. Each page begins with the line, "Spiders spin webs...." and features rhyming words and amazing, detailed illustrations. For example,

Spiders spin webs
In the heart of the night,
Weaving filigreed patterns
In the soft mooonlight.
That's when spiders spin webs.

Spiders Spin Webs is full of rare words, like filigreed, that expand children's growing vocabulary. Reading this book gives children (and adults) appreciation of these little eight legged creatures that invade our homes and Halloween hearts.

"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein