29 September 2009

And the Winner is...Diane!


51nenhbsnkl_aa240_.jpgDiane, who blogs at The Mommy Spot, won our free giveaway of Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam, and the Science of Motion by Loree Griffin Burns. Diane asked her child, “When you throw something away, where does it go?” This is the comment Diane left in response to the question:

I’d really like to win a copy. I asked my son what he thought, and he just said “no”. See, he’s only 18 months. “No” is his favorite word. Somehow, though, I think he managed to hit the nail on the head!

Out of the mouth of babes, the truth is revealed. We should all say, "No" to waste, refuse, trash, etc. Imagine a day when everything is reused or recycled and trash does not exist...is it possible?

Diane's blog The Mommy Spot, is about
...a greener, healthier life for you and your little sprouts! Natural cures, home remedies, recipes for baby and the whole family, product reviews, and more. The perfect spot for mommies...

One of the things I really enjoy about giveaways is discovering new blogs from our readers. The Mommy Spot is over a year old and currently features on the home page posts on natural cold care and lead in plumbing. I encourage you to visit Diane's blog and congratulations to Diane!

"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein